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“The roof is on fire”

My father is enyoing his “father day” gifts:

– A “super sponge”

– A little bathroom – tile stating the things a dad should do: doing the dishes etc

– A yar full of sweets.

The summer finaly came trough.

*update* now my sister is trying to play my guitar.

Quote: “Oei, het lukt niet zo goe”

It's friggin hot in here… 25 degree Celsius inside.

I kinda hate the winter, but this is over the top.

*update* my father discovered my guitar.

Quote: “Hmm, misschien kan ik beter accordeon spelen

I tought I went mad yesterday: I discovered that Deep Purple will play at Rock Zottegem. And that's not even everything: Praga Khan and Vive la F�te will play there too. The dark side: the price went up a little.]]>

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