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A little something about God

Archimedes a thought came to my mind. It was not as genius as Archimedes idea on displacement of water, but I think it gets rather close.

I was thinking about God, the meaning of life, the universe and everything and I came to an astonishing fact: mankind is designed as a virus!

Let’s go back to the whole idea of “sole creator”. So God made light, earth, water, sky, flora and finally fauna. But what after the 5th day? Why did he invent mankind?

I think it went like this: after the creation of animals he saw that this edition of Earth (let’s call it earth 0.X since we don’t know how many times God tried before) and he saw that is was not stable: the tiny viruses would eventually kill all birds, the cats would get sick by eating all those birds and the Tyrannosaurus Rex would die because his stomach couldn’t handle the claws of those cats.

This is the point where God decides that this version should be destroyed. But – since he’s bored – he decides to make this destruction a little interesting. So he designs a new kind of animal: an animal who has an instinct like all other animals, but one who also has the ability to invent. Of course he knows that this combination will be deathly to the environment and the world, so he gives them all a bone and puts them in on a little continent.

But it goes wrong: the men start killing each other because they all want to “have” the women. So this first edition of mankind (let’s call it 0.1) completely failed an died. Cause: general stupidity.

God gets kind of interested in the whole idea of this and he decides to make a new version of mankind. Now he disables the whole instinct – stuff and puts just 10 of them on planet earth.

Again it goes wrong. Mankind start inventing right away and after 3 generations this edition of mankind is able to design a spaceship fast enough to escape from the Hands of God. Somehow they manage to find a little piece of dirt God accidentally dropped and decide to start living there.

At this point God gets a little irritated and decides to make something in between. He only makes two of them to be sure that it doesn’t get out of hand. And here we are: slowly destroying the planet because God intended us to do.

I think this little story solves most of you questions about life, the universe and everything, and if it does not, send me your questions (using the contact – page).

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