Route to Destiny 4

I've finally finished the Battle Quests: from now on I can start writing stories and plot-lines. (If you're good at writing, feel free to contact me!).

Here is a little image the current version of RtD4: a clean and handy interface with nice images, a shoutbox, news section and main menu. Only problem is that it does not work in Internet Explorer.

I also keep finding javascript bugs. I should rewrite all javascript, but somehow I can't find energy or motivation or something.


I'm off.]]>

My First Post

I seems like I wanted my own WebLog!

I was thinking about my new registered DNS entry: I didn't know what to use it for, so here it is: my own little world: a WebLog.

Anyway, this first post is just some random spam to fill the “void”.

More interesting stuff will come by soon.]]>