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Hello everyone!

Ik heb dan toch besloten deze Blog vanaf nu in het Vlaams voort te zetten, dit omdat wie dit leest meestal toch nederlandstalig is.

Ik kom net terug van Dranouter, een ondertussen redelijk groot geworden Folk Festival. Echt veel indrukwekkendst was er niet te zien, hoewel Jamie Cullum mijn verwachtingen ver oversteeg. Daan daarintegen stelde me licht teleur, hoewel zijn pianoversies van z’n bekende nummers als Swedisch Designer Drugs en Victory voor redelijk wat ambiance zorgde, was de sfeer in de tent eerder intiem, een tegenvaller voor wie – zoals ik – meer voor de meevoerende ambiance – muziek kwam.

M’n aandacht werd vandaag getrokken door dit artikel: een planeet warmt zijn eigen zon op!

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Me? A workaholic?

Very busy.

To give you a short idea:

– a promo-job for Smart (every monday 'till tuesday, 18h00 'till 24h00, every week of july)

– my (yearly) Samsonite job (every monday 'till friday, 6h00 'till 14h30, the last week of july and first week of august)

– writing a webshop (every free moment I have)

– administrating Festivalnoise

– developing new ideas for Route to Destiny version 4.

Why, why, why do I work this much?

I don't know… but I will have a lot of money after this month!]]>

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Grable Pricewatch

long time no speaking…

I just want to make some publicity for Grable, a new pricewatch site I wrote with a friend of mine.

Here are the links:





The amount of titles are still a little low, but I'm adding shops in time.]]>

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“The roof is on fire”

My father is enyoing his “father day” gifts:

– A “super sponge”

– A little bathroom – tile stating the things a dad should do: doing the dishes etc

– A yar full of sweets.

The summer finaly came trough.

*update* now my sister is trying to play my guitar.

Quote: “Oei, het lukt niet zo goe”

It's friggin hot in here… 25 degree Celsius inside.

I kinda hate the winter, but this is over the top.

*update* my father discovered my guitar.

Quote: “Hmm, misschien kan ik beter accordeon spelen

I tought I went mad yesterday: I discovered that Deep Purple will play at Rock Zottegem. And that's not even everything: Praga Khan and Vive la F�te will play there too. The dark side: the price went up a little.]]>

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6 / 6 / 2006

Thanks for everything and see you in the afterlife.

update: 15:19: still alive…]]>

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The file called “Bla”

But what makes these short living files so special?

Let me tell you. They – almost always – bear the name “bla”, “stuff”, “smthn”, “temp”, “note” or even less describing.

But, what do people who receive these kinds of file do?

Do they simply look at it and remove it afterwards, like you do?

You don't know. So please, for the sake of justice, love and peace, choose a more describing name for your files, even when there life is short.



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A little something about God

Archimedes a thought came to my mind. It was not as genius as Archimedes idea on displacement of water, but I think it gets rather close.

I was thinking about God, the meaning of life, the universe and everything and I came to an astonishing fact: mankind is designed as a virus!

Let’s go back to the whole idea of “sole creator”. So God made light, earth, water, sky, flora and finally fauna. But what after the 5th day? Why did he invent mankind?

I think it went like this: after the creation of animals he saw that this edition of Earth (let’s call it earth 0.X since we don’t know how many times God tried before) and he saw that is was not stable: the tiny viruses would eventually kill all birds, the cats would get sick by eating all those birds and the Tyrannosaurus Rex would die because his stomach couldn’t handle the claws of those cats.

This is the point where God decides that this version should be destroyed. But – since he’s bored – he decides to make this destruction a little interesting. So he designs a new kind of animal: an animal who has an instinct like all other animals, but one who also has the ability to invent. Of course he knows that this combination will be deathly to the environment and the world, so he gives them all a bone and puts them in on a little continent.

But it goes wrong: the men start killing each other because they all want to “have” the women. So this first edition of mankind (let’s call it 0.1) completely failed an died. Cause: general stupidity.

God gets kind of interested in the whole idea of this and he decides to make a new version of mankind. Now he disables the whole instinct – stuff and puts just 10 of them on planet earth.

Again it goes wrong. Mankind start inventing right away and after 3 generations this edition of mankind is able to design a spaceship fast enough to escape from the Hands of God. Somehow they manage to find a little piece of dirt God accidentally dropped and decide to start living there.

At this point God gets a little irritated and decides to make something in between. He only makes two of them to be sure that it doesn’t get out of hand. And here we are: slowly destroying the planet because God intended us to do.

I think this little story solves most of you questions about life, the universe and everything, and if it does not, send me your questions (using the contact – page).

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Lost in a feeling

I think I have that at the moment.

I just finished putting a new 300 gb (maxor) hard disk in my computer / server. It's 00.05 and I put on Faithless (Sunday 8pm). I'm the only one awake in the building, so I have to be silent or I'll wake my sisters – or worse – my father.

Yesterday me and Ilanka watched Easy Rider. I had not seen that movie since I was 12 or something and watching it again was quite emotional. The desire to flee from the normal world and just keep folowing the roads of America were very strong when I was young and even now I sometimes feel like escaping the real life.

I didn't do any work on RtD4 this weekend.

Maybe I've spent a little too much time on it lately, but I'm sure the first signs of summer have something to do with the dropping motivation.

I think I'm going to watch another movie before I go to bed.



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My Headache

My headache comes around almost every hot day, mostly when I went to bed after “the descent hour” or when I played a 3D game. And when I try to work on a computer or watch television, it gets worse.

Today was one of those headache days. I took my bicycle and drove to Boyan to pick up the serie Taken. I kinda like Spielberg, althou it sometimes is a little predictical. This is something I clearly see in this serie: it's so predictable! But then again, I only saw 3 episodes so far.

Anyway. My headache is killing me so I'm going to shut my laptop down.]]>


9:13 Restate my assumptions

dialog transcript of Darren Aronofsky movie “Pi”. I've always loved the movie and I think this is one of the best parts (the beginning) of it:

Restate my assumptions.

One: Mathematics

is the language of nature.

Two: Everything around us

can be represented and

understood through numbers.

Three: If you graph the numbers

of any system, patterns emerge.

Therefore, there are patterns

everywhere in nature.


The cycling

of disease epidemics;

the wax and wane

of caribou populations;

sun spot cycles;

the rise and fall of the Nile.

So, what about

the stock market?

The universe of numbers that

represents the global economy.

Millions of hands at work,

billions of minds.

A vast network, screaming

with life. An organism.

A natural organism.

My hypothesis:

Within the stock market,

there is a pattern as well…

Right in front of me,

hiding behind the numbers.

Always has been.

I just wanted to share this with who-ever is reading this.

I decided today that RTD4 should be ready before 1 / 9 / 2006, so I've set the launch date to 1 septembr 2006: in Belgium the first school-day after summer holiday.

I had a lame day: the only thing I did was impleting a sound engine in RTD4, and finishing the travel engine. It works quite nice at the moment.

When I see the work to be done I get a little demotivated… but I have to finish the project in time!]]>